Block Management Services available from London Bath Property LLP


Preparation of an annual budget for service charges
Regular billing and collection of service charges, including management fees
Provision of a periodic budget report of income, expenditure and cash flow
Arrange for the preparation of draft accounts in anticipation of an examination by an independent accountant
Preparation of a reserve fund plan relating to cyclical maintenance
Weekly/monthly payment of wages and other invoices
Arrears collection management
Provision of advice on block insurance and any other appropriate cover

Relationship with residents

Attend to routine enquiries from lessees and residents
Respond to solicitors’ and lessees’ enquiries regarding assignments and licences
Attendance at general meetings of residents
Administration of insurance claims
Repair and maintenance management
Preparation of a long-term maintenance and repair plan
Deal with day to day repairs and maintenance promptly and efficiently
Preparation of maintenance plans and contracts for plant and machinery
Advise on major contract work and the use of specialist professionals and contractors

Lease Compliance

Ensure compliance with the terms of leases and policy agreed with the Board or Tenants
Association and where necessary, subject to landlord authorisation, instruct solicitors in relation to breaches
Represent the landlord at County Court, arbitration and Tribunals
Staff management
Prepare job descriptions for employees and specifications for contractors and go to competitive tender
Supervise any employees and regular contractors such as cleaners etc on behalf of the employer
Ensure appropriate training and compliance with Health and Safety and employment legislation
Landlord and tenant advice
Advise the Board on residential landlord and tenant procedures including statute and practice

Board or Tenants Association Support

Advise the Board on a suggested management policy
Provide a status report of financial, maintenance and legal matters;
Report on significant lessee communications
Document management procedures and issues
Produce a periodic newsletter to residents and other circulars
Keep Board informed of status of agreed actions
Company secretarial work, for example preparation and distribution of the notices for the AGM/EGMs
Risk management, fire and health and safety compliance

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